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2013’s Head Turners and 2014’s Eyebrow Raisers

A Year in Review and A Year in Overview

To say that 2013 is the best year so far is an understatement (like we’ve said that the year before was the best, so on and so forth) inasmuch as saying that 2014 will be the most interesting. Yet here we are, ready to the give the year that was a cathedral of praise, and the year that will be, a basilica of optimism and hope.

The jury of any year is the selfto each his own. But there are a number of buzzes the bees just won’t go losing. Apparently, not only did the world go in awe of the twerking and selfie-ing of 2013, but made promises that 2014 will see more of the grotesques and much more of the arabesques.

Photo Credit: Arman Cosme PhotographyPhoto Credit: Arman Cosme Photography

1.      Economy

It’s funny how the economic trends of nations around the globe were in topsy-turvydom thanks to political unrest and silent interstate wars. The Independent writer Hamish McRae puts it that the “world economy had a good 2013”, save the fact that “living standards in most of the developed world still [are] below their 2007 peak”.

The Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) are nearing their 2015 deadline, making 2014 a year for full-blown efforts and evaluation. Although the goals are likely to be partially met, post-2015 agendas are slowly being laid out for a final push to end economic divide.

2.      Politics

Political affairs brewed an interesting aroma in 2013. NoKor prepped for what the world thought would be the genesis of a nuclear war, PM Kim Jong-un in New Year’s Day mentioned things about close ties with SoKor. There seems to be a clash of clans in a more oriental part of the world over the disputed East China Sea or Japan Sea or East Sea or God-knows-what Sea. The dispute takes its root from historical territorial fights.

The royal couple welcomed a new lucky babe with a silver spoon in its mouth while a selfie of the most powerful nation leader sparked his wife’s angst. The world mourned over two deaths in 2013, each with a very unique reception – Walker, remembered well by the young generation, whereas Mandela, barely known or recognized by the youth.

The local politics brewed dark and twisty, so to speak. The Philippines’ pulse on what a solon should be went an interesting caliber: an action star daughter, a first-timer-VP-daughter, an-RN’s-nightmare, to name a few. The biggest bomb was the exposure of Benhur Luy to debunk Janet Napoles and the Pork Barrel Scam.

Although the case seems to move like the snail, it’s a pretty good view, not to mention how Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago provides a panorama of the scene. This 2014, it’s exciting to see things heat up, making me want to grab some pizza, or play Bejeweled with Enrile, perhaps.

3.      Religion

On the other hand, religions from around the world fizzed with excitement too.  China aptly proves to be big bully even to faith leaders as it blamed the Dalai Lama over a dispute with India. The call for a caliph in the Muslim world seemed to have brought forth good change as a blogger described how Muslim communities around the world act towards a better image for the community. The Pope, on the other hand, poses for a selfie shot with the youth in Vatican. I would definitely look forward to having a selfie shot with the Pope this 2014!

4.      Environment

Environmental awareness proved a hype in 2013, given the substantial influence of social media to clean up the environment. In the US, Patagonia proved that businesses have no business trampling the environment. Africa bravely led the world to clean up itself this 2013.

The year, however, witnessed the most destructive typhoon ever recorded in the annals of human history. Typhoon Haiyan whiplashed the Visayan region of the Philippines and left millions devastated at its wake. Several countries have made efforts to aid the archipelago in need. 2014 will likely see more improved efforts towards environmental rehabilitation. Hopefully.

5.      Entertainment

The world of entertainment never failed to entertain (literally) as it set off 2013 in flames. To begin with, much brouhaha was given at Miley Cyrus’ twerking gaga at the VMA. Not to mention her seemingly drugged appearance, her bizarre antics that night went so viral that TV shows and politicians alike posted NO TWERKING warning for her. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber’s swag turned from suave to eww when his fan sighting became a spitting spree. After shocking the world when he went out, Lance Bass astounded many when he declared this year that he and boyfriend Michael Turchin are engaged.

On the more philanthropic  side of things, Angelina Jolie, probably the most influential actress of the century, underwent a preventive ‘double mastectomy’ after knowing she had the genes that would eventually lead up to cancer. Her action was noted by physicians as something that would “empower women to take individualized actions” towards health.

Iron and fire literally duelled into box office glory as Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man slightly extinguished the heat of Jennifer Lawrence’s Catching Fire. A low standing competitor, The Hobbit, made debut late in 2013, but is yet to reveal more saga. More flicks are yet to meet the eye in 2014.

6.      Social Media

The youth and the social media are in good shape, as evidenced by the naming of “selfie” as the word of the year. YouTube cradles yet more viral videos and trends seemed to have made their upheaval in 2013. Fashion fortune tellers a.k.a fashion analysts, as early as the beginning of 2013’s last quarter, state 2014 to be the year of “chic to eek”, with most people wearing “the talk of the town”, so to speak.

7.      Medicine

Medicine has seen several fascinating breakthroughs in 2013. From the discovery of a formerly unknown layer of the eye (Dua layer), to the approval of a novel antidiabetic drug, hopes are high for more innovations in health care. 2013 witnessed medical marvels such as a girl’s cure found in a special breed of marijuana, the parturition of the world’s first pregnant man, and the removal of a forty year-old fetus from a woman’s abdomen.

2013 has never ceased to amaze us even after it’s gone – for a day while 2014 enters with a bang – past day one.  There is more to the parting of the years than meets the eye. When all has been said and done, every year is set to surprise humanity with events, discoveries, places, photos, and words beyond imagining. This and the continuous outburst of stimuli to turn heads and raise eye brows are the marks of a progressive civilization.

For now, excuse me while I take a New Year’s selfie on my ootd. Kidding.

To end, here’s YouTube sensation DJ Earworm’s mashup of 2013’s greatest hits.